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Dominik Stroukal is and is a Chief Economist at Roklen, Czech financial group. He is a former director of Liberální institut, the first Czech (and Slovak) classically liberal think-tank, and a former president of the Czech and Slovak Ludwig von Mises Institute. He holds a Ph.D. in Economic Theories and MA in Economic Analysis at the University of Economics, and MA in Media Studies at Charles University, both in Prague, Czech Republic. He is a lecturer at the CEVRO Institute University. He taught at University of Finance and Administration, University of Economics in Prague and at two high schools.

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He is currently doing research on cryptocurrencies, business cycles and labor economics. He co-authored his first book about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin: The Money of the Future (in Czech). He published papers about Czech labor markets where he works on the dynamics of unemployment.

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As a Chief Economist at Roklen he gives lectures and organizes workshops not only about FinTech and cryptocurrencies but also about Austrian economics, money, business cycle theory, and other topics from both theory and practice.



University of Economics (Ph.D.)

Economic Theory (Ph.D.), Department of Economics, Faculty of Economics, University of Economics, Prague


University of Economics (MA)

Economics (BA) and Economic Analysis (MA), Department of Economics, School of Economics, University of Economics, Prague


Charles University (MA)

Media Studies (BA) and Media Studies (MA), Institute of Communication Studies and Journalism, School of Social Sciences, Prague


Other education

Numerous summer schools and seminars around the world (at FEE, IES, Institut Bruno Leoni and others), online courses on Coursera and other MOOC


Chief Economist at a FinTech group Roklen, providing wide range of financial services, from FX and M&A to investment crowdfunding.
CEVRO Institute University
PPE lecturer. Own courses on Alternative monetary systems and Business cycle theories. Co-lecturer of Money, banking and the financial system. Organizing summer schools.
Liberální institut
Director of the oldest and most active classically liberal think tank. Organizing lectures, publishing books and articles, running shop with classically liberal literature, organizing summer schools etc...
Mises Institute CZ & SK
Former vice-president (2011–2013) responsible for publication, later president (2013-2017). Organizing summer schools, publishing of dozens of books and two newsletters, organizing lectures and seminars, quarterly gatherings...
University of Finance and Administration
Former Lecturer (2012–2016), now assistant professor in Business Management and Corporate Finance at the Department of Economics and International Relations, lecturer of microeconomics and macroeconomics both in Czech and English.
bit agency
Former Bitcoinconsulting (bitcoinconsulting.cz), now bitagency.cz co-founder and consultant. Providing cryptocurrency / blockchain consulting.
University of Economics
Lecturer at the Department of Economics at School of Economics. Lecturing economics, economics II, microeconomics, macroeconomics and discussion seminars both in Czech and English.
Other experience
International Baccalaureate teacher of two-year intensive economics at Nový PORG highschool (2013-2015)
Teacher of economics at PORG highschool (2012 to present)
Consultant and president of Bitcoin Consulting, Czech Republic (2015 to present) Numerous articles for Reflex, Deníky Bohemia, PROFIT, MFDnes and others



Bitcoin 6 years
Microeconomics 7 years
Macroeconomics 7 years
Austrian Economics 11 years
Media Economics 4 years

Mainstream Economics

- Microeconomics
- Macroeconomics
- Game Theory
- Labor Economics
- Econometrics

Austrian Economics

- Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies
- Austrian Business Cycle
- Theory of Money
- Methodology of Economics
- Evolution of Institutions

My Work

Bitcoin Consulting

I am the CEO of Bitcoin Consulting. We provide a wide range of consulting services for anyone interested in cryptocurrencies. You can find more info (in Czech) here.

Bitcoin: Money of the Future

I am the author of the first book about bitcoin published in the Czech Republic (2015). You can find more about the book (in Czech) here.

Workshops and Lectures

I offer workshops and lectures for businesses and individuals on various topics including business cycle, money, bitcoin, and others. You can watch one of my lectures (in Czech) here.


I authored many articles in various media - newspaper, magazines, news servers, blogs and others. You can read a sample of my texts (in Czech) here.


I have translated many important articles and books from English to Czech. You can read (translated into Czech) the monumental History of Economic Thought by Murray Rothbard here.


I like to read long books and watch long movies, talk to people, travel, listen to good jazz and bad metal, drink Czech beer, look at elegant typography, ski as mad, read and write old school poetry...



Dominik Stroukal
Chief Economist
Václavské náměstí 9
110 00 Prague 1
Czech Republic
P: (+420) 607 704 006